Why Us?


YosLock Smart Access Solution is not just a tool to keep updated with the latest technology but it comes with one significant advantages, simplifying the Management of All Rooms. No matter what position you are in, YosLock can simplify the management of building or house through the Smart Access Solution. After installing the system, it allows people to remotely control all the entrance with real-time data streaming. Furthermore, the system can reduce the workload of security and receptionist, increase the efficiency of patrol and simplify the visitor check-in procedure.

How Does YocLock help?

Our smart access solutions include advanced technology which can be easily synced with most types of door locks to deliver the ultimate combination of optimized performance for door opening automation, connectivity to CCTV cameras and an easy to use system to address the next generation of embedded solutions. The software is fully capable of working with all kinds of door locks modernizing it with optimised performance for any requirement such as automation, monitoring, minimizing energy loss and providing users with complete and sustainable entrance solutions.

  • 1. Implement the System with Ease

    Installing electronic access control is a seamless process. Assigning access to certain areas of the building is easy and automatic with a system that leverages your existing employee demographic data. Of course, you can enter data manually as well to customize authorized access exactly the way you want. As for obtaining access to secure areas, your employees can use an authorized credential (like a proximity reader, pin code reader, or biometric reader, for example) for identification, access control, time and attendance tracking, and other applications.

  • 2. Deter Criminals at Various Access Points

    Most criminals look for opportunities with little risk and high reward. With an effective access control system, you can eliminate the possibility of an easy entry, helping to reduce the overall risk of theft and vandalism. Access control lets you secure various access points in your building, including:

    • Parking garages
    • Build monitoring parameters
    • Primary entry and exit points
    • Security departments
    • Elevators
    • Other facilities, such as Club House

    You can create individual settings for each employee and control access to secure areas based on the day, time, and other changing factors. You can also completely revoke access in the case of lost or stolen credentials, if necessary.

  • 3. Enjoy Cloud Access

    Not all access control systems are based in the cloud, but the solutions available from Yoslock certainly are. A cloud-hosted server provides the additional benefit of remote access, allowing you to view and make changes to the system from anywhere with an internet connection. Change access levels, temporarily unlock doors for trusted vendors or suppliers, add or remove credentials, and print security reports, all these can be implemented without visiting your office.