About Us

YosLock is a leader in developing smart entrance accessing solution which simplifies the way of access by transforming door unlocking system. Our range of automatic products and services provide easy access, remote controlling, auto locking and monitoring solutions for industrial, commercial and residential buildings. The access control system includes expertise in technology development to control identities with face recognition, access cards, tags, app and biometric verification systems.

Every day we are working on creating a smarter and faster solution in order to provide convenient access to physical places through digitalisation of door locks. We developed easy-to-install and user-friendly access solution for industrial, commercial and residential market.

Our smart access solutions include advanced technology which can be easily synced with most types of door locks and analyses image captured by any type of surveillance camera to open door locks. The access control system also provide full remote access to users with the ability to monitor and secure their loved ones with real-time data streaming.


Develop next-generation of touchless access control solution for commercial, residential and industrial sectors.


Open every door for people in the simplest way.


Create a better and smarter way for people to control access.