Convenient Design
With Consideration

Touchless design from the main entrance to the apartment

No Border

Real-time video doorbell will capture the photo of visitors and send it to your phone

Time Saving
With Smart Technology

Mailbox sensor receives the letter and notifies you with Email or SMS

Route for Home

Property Developers

  • Garage

    Car License Plates Sensor + App Key
    The smart parking gate locks can recognize license plates of the resident’s cars to provide them access.

  • Main Entrance

    Facial Surveillance Camera
    The security can monitor and distinguish the residents and visitors through this camera system. If the visitor enters the lobby without permission, the system will send a notification to the security control center. It reduces the manpower of security and at the same time tightens the security level.

  • Mailbox

    Mailbox Sensor
    When the mailbox received a mail, the Mailbox Sensor will send a notification to remind the resident of the mail. The resident no longer needs to check the mailbox every day.

  • Lift

    Facial Recognition Camera
    YosLock knows how hard to press the lift button when the lift is full of people and you are far away from the button panel. The Facial Recognition Camera helps the resident to choose the level they live when the system recognizes their faces.

  • Front door

    Facial Recognition Camera + Video Doorbell
    When both hands are full or when people forgot to bring the keys, this facial camera will recognize the resident’s faces and open the doors for them. It is also smart enough to distinguish between residents and visitors. The Smart Lock can be synced with Facial Recognition Camera to view or record anyone that accesses to the resident’s home.


    Property Management

  • Security Center

    Patrol Accessing Control (App)
    Save time for security guard with this Patrol Accessing Control. When a security guard passes by the preset patrol point within 5 meters, the app will sense the signal and appears that checkpoint as checked. It also creates and uploads the patrol activity log at the same time, so that the security manager can check the patrol status with no delays. Unlike the old inconvenient way of patrol, the security guard no longer needs a pen, paper or metal sensor, only needs a smartphone.

  • Other Facilities: Swimming pool, Club House, Gym Room

    Time Lock
    The door will be automatically locked with a designed timer, the security can manage the lock status through YosLock app and set timer to lock the door.

  • Booking System: Conferences room, Ballroom

    Facilities booking system
    Guests can book every facility such as the conference room, ballroom, gym room, etc, and check the booking status through the app.