Do Not Require
Lock Changing

Compatible with most of the electric lock

Managing The Access
With Ease

Role-based Access Control and Door Activity log

Saving Precious
Resources And Time

Pre-check in System

Route for Hotel

  • Garage/ Pickup or Dropoff point

    Car License Plates Sensor + App Key
    The smart parking gate can recognise license plates of resident’s car to provide them access.

  • Lobby and Reception

    Facial Surveillance Camera
    The receptionist can monitor and distinguish the VIP and Black-listed guests through this camera system.

    Pre-check In System (SDK Passport Verification)
    Before actually arrive at the hotel, the guest can upload their passport for verification in order to do online check-in. The guest can get an app key or a pin code to access into the room which is convenient. This system can also reduce the workload of receptionist, save time and resources for your hotel.

  • Lift

    Role-based Access Control System (RBAC)
    YosLock helps you to manage the access permission with RBAC. You can create various types of roles and give them different permission to access the facilities and rooms. Especially for lift, these roles can only access to the allowed level. This enhances the security level and gives privacy to the guests.

  • Room

    Room Service Booking System
    Every guest wishes to clean their room at a specific time. The room service booking system integrated with YosLock app, the guest can choose a specific time for room cleaning service.

    Activity Log
    The activity report of doors will be shown in YosLock app, guests are able to check when and who opens the door with records. The RBAC system can also apply inside the room. When the guest chooses to clean the bathroom and living room only, other rooms such as the bedroom will remain locked, the instant lock status of doors can also be found in the Activity Log.

  • Other Facilities: Swimming pool, Restaurant, Gym Room

    Time Lock
    The door will be automatically locked with a designed timer, the security can manage the lock status through YosLock app and set timer to lock the door.

  • Booking System: Conferences room, Ballroom

    Facilities booking system
    Guests can book every facility such as the conference room, ballroom, gym room, etc, and check the booking status through the app.


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