Managing Visitor Access
With One Simple System

Pre-register System save time for guest and receptionist

Comfortable Design
With Caring System

E-visitor Card provides visitor access without disturbing their schedule

Route for Office

  • Car Park

    The smart parking gate locks can recognize license plates of the resident’s cars to provide them access.

  • Reception

    Facial Surveillance Camera
    The receptionist can monitor and distinguish the VIP and Black-listed guests through this camera system.

    Pre-register System
    For reserved guests, they can upload their photos and information such as names to the system. The system will create an e-visitor card with photos and QR codes so that they can skip the registration procedure.

  • Gate

    E-visitor Card
    The gate will automatically open when it captures the visitor’s or the staff' face. Guests can present the e-visitor card and use the QR code to pass the gate, the QR code can be used one time only. Once the guest passes the gate, the system will send a notification to remind the office that their guest has arrived.

  • Lift

    Facial Recognition Camera
    The visitor will be sent to the designated floor while Facial Recognition Camera detects their faces. If the camera recognizes unauthorized visitors, the lift will stay at the same level and the notification will be sent to the security.

  • Room

    Smart Staff Attendance System
    When a staff walks into the office, the facial recognition camera will mark as present in the attendance system. The system will then generate an attendance report and send it to the HR manager.

    Time Lock
    The door will be automatically locked with a designed timer, the security can manage the lock status through YosLock app and set timer to lock the door.

  • Booking System: Conferences room

    Facilities booking system
    Staff can book facility such as the conference room and check the booking status through the app.


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